for Information & Technology

Sada For Information & Technology is a leading information technology solutions provider and systems integrator. Supporting organizations across Saudi Arabia with their IT needs since 2015, Sada For Information & Technology has an unrivaled track record of providing cutting-edge, comprehensive, and solid cyber security, business resiliency, infrastructure, E-Discovery, and cloud solutions.

Cyber Security Solutions

Sada For Information & Technology helps eliminate organizational disruption and risk due to cybersecurity breaches. We can audit your existing cybersecurity posture, offer proactive managed security services to monitor your cybersecurity environment, and help you prevent cyber breaches, mitigate risk and so much more.

Information Management Solutions

Sada For Information & Technology helps you uncover operational efficiencies by implementing the right information management solutions for your organization. Sada For Information & Technology can help you scale, grow and ensure resiliency through our renowned information management solutions that include e-discovery and data analytics.

Systems Integration Services

Sada For Information & Technology has innovatively designed and successfully deployed complex IT infrastructure solutions for almost 6 years. Having implemented household-name deployments across Saudi Arabia, Sada For Information & Technology has the distinguished reputation of delivering IT projects and solutions on time, on budget, and exceeding our customer's expectations.